The Fastest Path to Achieving Your Analytics Goals

October 16–18, 2017 | Seattle-Bellevue, WA

Who Should Attend

  • Sponsors of BI and DW programs
  • Business executives and managers
  • Technology executives and managers
  • Business analysts
  • Technology architects
  • Data architects and data modelers
  • Project and program managers
  • Data integrators
  • Developers of BI and data warehousing systems
  • Business and IT consultants
  • Anyone with a role in performance management


What TDWI Accelerate Offers You

ACCELERATE brings you content on the most important topics in data science and analytics—from the core skills you need to get the job done to what you should be planning for next. Explore new ideas with your peers. Identify the skills you need to accelerate your career. Get excited about the future.

Multiple opportunities to share insights with peers

Professionals learn best by talking directly with one another and sharing what they’ve learned from experience. TDWI Accelerate unites professionals from various industries for collaborative learning and discussion. The program is designed to connect you with your peers—as well as with industry thought leaders who can address your most challenging questions and advance your data science and analytics skills.

Valuable strategies, practices, and technologies

Keynotes, in-depth case studies, and forward-looking panel sessions are designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the objectives and challenges organizations like yours face when taking your data science and analytics career to the next level. You will learn methods for overcoming challenges and realizing opportunities in a rapidly changing environment.

TDWI Accelerate Features

  • Case studies and peer sessions to help you realize the potential of analytics, data science, and data management
  • Analytics and data management tips you can apply to relationships with customers, patients, clients, partners, and other mission-critical parties and entities
  • Thought leadership to help you succeed with emerging technologies
  • Best practices and war stories to give you a real-world perspective
  • Management insights into how you can overcome people and process barriers to moving forward
  • Opportunities to learn about new technologies without the pressure
  • Comfortable location in one of America’s most desired travel destinations
  • Monday evening networking reception where you can share experiences with peers and enjoy relaxed interaction with speakers

TDWI Accelerate offers in-depth sessions and tutorials over three days so you can reach your analytics and data science goals, faster. We are bringing together the leading minds in analytics and data science to share:

  • Best practices for leveraging data science skills to increase the impact of your current analytics projects
  • How to enable deeper insight from your data using data science and advanced analytics tools and techniques
  • Ways to develop a culture that nourishes and sustains data science projects and improves alignment with business objectives
  • The skills needed to add data science to your analytics skillset
  • Best practices for articulating value and insight using data visualization and data storytelling
  • Real-world insights into how you can get the most out of advanced analytics, including predictive, machine learning, and real-time analytics
  • How to gain value from data science and big data analytics
  • Best practices to building successful analytics and data science teams
  • What’s next in data science and advanced analytics in the enterprise, and more

Who Should Attend

  • Business and IT leaders working to build a data-driven organization
  • Everyone who wants to quickly discover the potential of analytics and execute on data insights
  • Business and data analysts who turn data into knowledge and insight
  • Everyone who is interested in advanced analytics, data science, and data visualization
  • BI, data warehousing, and analytics architects, designers, and developers
  • Data architects, scientists, modelers, designers, and developers working across the data continuum from structured data to nontraditional data sources
  • Data stewards, custodians, and stakeholders who are challenged by the expanding scope of data and the growing complexity of regulations governing data privacy, security, and use
  • Anyone who wants to get hands-on with state-of-the-art technologies for predictive analytics, big data, self-service, and data visualization

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TDWI Accelerate Seattle

Hyatt Regency Bellevue
Bellevue, WA
October 16–18


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