The Fastest Path to Achieving Your Analytics Goals

October 16–18, 2017 | Seattle-Bellevue, WA

Our speakers possess both real-world experience and theoretical knowledge and
are experts in the fields of analytics, big data, and data science.

Featured Speakers

Aman Naimat Senior Vice President Demandbase
Dave McColgin Executive Creative Director Artefact
Bill Franks Chief Analytics Officer International Institute for Analytics
Donald Farmer Principal TreeHive Strategy
Kirk Borne, Ph.D. Principal Data Scientist Booz Allen Hamilton
Ronny Kohavi Distinguished Engineer, General Manager, Analysis and Experimentation Microsoft
Joerg Blumtritt CEO Datarella
Fern Halper, Ph.D. VP and Research Director TDWI


New speakers being added on an ongoing basis for this exciting event! Check back for updates.

Skye Moret Data Visualizer Periscopic
Francesco Mosconi, Ph.D. Data Scientist Catalit
Deanne Larson President Larson & Associates
Sheridan Hitchens Vice President, Data Products
Andrew Cardno Chief Technology Officer VizExplorer
Jeff Pettiross Senior Manager, User Experience Tableau
Jesse Anderson Big Data Monkey Tamer Big Data Institute
Debraj GuhaThakurta Senior Data Scientist Microsoft Corporation
Jeffrey Heer Chief Experience Officer Trifacta
David Stodder Senior Research Director TDWI
Paul Boal VP Delivery Amitech Solutions
Natasha Balac, Ph.D. President and CEO Data Insight Discovery, Inc.
Wee Hyong Tok Principal Data Science Manager Microsoft Corporation
Wesley Bernegger Data Explorer  
Majken Sander Data Nerd & Solution Architect TimeXtender
Jasmine Nettiksimmons, Ph.D. Data Scientist Stitch Fix
Angel Evan Owner/CEO Angel Evan, Inc.
Frank D. Evans Data Scientist Exaptive
Ning Jia, Ph.D. Director of Applied Data Science Bay Path University
Nick Kelly Vice President BluLink Solutions
John Akred CTO and a Co-Founder Silicon Valley Data Science
Russ Olsen Vice President Cognitect
Noah Illinsky Senior UX Architect Amazon
Lak Lakshmanan, Ph.D. Technical Lead Google
Mark Madsen President Third Nature, Inc.
Chris Toomey Sr. Data Engineer Zillow

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TDWI Accelerate Seattle

Hyatt Regency Bellevue
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October 16–18


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