Text Analytics: BI Meets Natural Language Processing

April 5, 2017

Prerequisite: None

Seth Grimes

Principal Consultant

Alta Plana Corporation

You've heard of NLP. The technology, combining language engineering and machine learning, parses voice and text to power search, recommendation, customer, marketing, and research systems. It is applied by data scientists and software developers alike, and by data and business analysts in the form of text analytics, in essence, BI on text.

Text analytics has been part of the BI, data science, and analytics toolkit for over a dozen years, available as scripting and machine learning tools, via commercial data platforms and open source Hadoop and Spark, and integrated into customer experience, market research, healthcare, finance, and a host of other business solutions.

Accelerate's NLP/BI/Text Analytics session provides baseline technology knowledge accompanied by an options overview ranging from open source R, Python, spaCy, and TensorFlow to on-demand APIs to software platforms that have been part of the TDWI scene for years. It covers practical applications — what you and colleagues can hope to learn via text analytics — and futures, allowing you to make the business case today and keep up with tomorrow's opportunities.

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April 3–5


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