Aligning Analytics with Business Strategy

April 5, 2017

Prerequisite: None

Deborah M Cooper


Deborah M Cooper Consulting

While Silicon Valley is drunk on Data Science "kool-aid," many of us outside the tech sector have found getting traction on analytics can be elusive. This hands-on workshop will focus on three steps for success:

  • Framing analytics in terms of business strategy
  • Building support with strong sponsorship relationships
  • Starting small and generating quick-hit value

To do this, we will use two well-established tools: the business model canvas and stakeholder analysis. The business model canvas helps to visualize the value proposition and relationships with customers and suppliers. The stakeholder analysis looks at the management team in terms of responsibility and interest. Taking them together ensures that we create the right levers to drive sponsor initiatives. Next, we will discuss the business processes, applications, and systems that we can use opportunistically to create metrics, or key performance indicators, that can determine initiative success and drive business results.

Be prepared to discuss your company's business model and C-Suite structure. For public companies, consider reviewing the annual report or recent earnings call presentation.

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