How to Leverage Python, the Fastest-Growing Open Source Tool for Data Scientists

April 4, 2017

Prerequisite: None

Travis Oliphant

Chief Data Scientist & Co-Founder

Anaconda Powered by Continuum Analytics

Did you know that that across a number of key metrics Python is the largest and fastest-growing open source tool for data scientists. Even more impressive is the robust ecosystem of libraries built on top of it that substantially replaces traditional analytics software. The most exciting numerical computing, data processing and visualization tools today are all open source––but getting started with Python was still a chore, until Anaconda came along.

This talk will show the power of the Python ecosystem and why Anaconda is the last Open Data Science tool you'll ever need. Thirteen million downloads and millions of users confirmed it! What makes the Python + Anaconda combination so powerful and popular? The engine behind it is the conda packaging system. In addition to simplicity and power, Anaconda also values flexibility and openness so Anaconda doesn’t just mean Python.

We'll look at how R, Julia and other languages, along with their libraries, are accessible today and how new ones can easily be added. So what's catch? Where’s the fine print? No catch––Anaconda is free for everyone, free for any use and free forever. Come and hear about the open source ecosystem and community growing up around Python and Anaconda––things like Anaconda Cloud and conda Forge.

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