Developing a Visual Strategy within a Sea of Data

April 3, 2017

Prerequisite: None

Skye Moret

Data Visualizer


As professionals who convey important data-driven messages, it is imperative that we harness visual and conceptual thinking skills to promote stronger avenues for meaningful engagement. Visual literacy is increasing daily, yet few who consistently work with data understand best practices when it comes to data-driven visualization. By integrating data exploration and visual strategy, we can more clearly communicate data across and within disciplines.

In this course, we will develop a framework with which to organize processed data, classify our audience needs, and explore which visualization and narrative techniques are best suited to illuminate a data-driven story. We will emphasize the importance of concept sketching, iteration, and selection of visualization tools. The course will conclude with a brief discussion of successful visual narrative techniques, reinforcing strategies examined earlier.

You Will Learn

  • Data organization and classification for visual strategy\
  • How to understand the visual and narrative needs of your audience
  • How to choose which data visualization is appropriate for your project goals
  • Concept sketching process and methods
  • The importance of iteration (not just acting on your first idea)
  • Narrative strategy techniques

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April 3–5


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