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Data Digest: BYOD Dangers, Text Analytics, Data Lakes

The security risks of a BOYD policy, plus the future of analysis and the strengths and weaknesses of data lakes.

Data Digest: CAO vs. CDO, Smarter Infrastructures, and the Future of Analytics

Articles today compare the role of CAOs and CDOs, revolutionizing data infrastructures, and using predictive analytics.

Data Digest: Big IoT Gains, Maximizing Data Management, and Hyperconvergent Data Centers

Getting the greatest benefit from data management platforms, avoiding hyperconvergent data centers' big problem, and the best ways to contextualize IoT data.

Data Digest: Future of Excel in BI, Managing Unstructured Data, and Security's Impact on Productivity

Does Excel have a future in business intelligence, plus how to best manage unstructured data and how to keep productivity high with context-sensitive security.

Data Digest: Big Data's ROI, Analytics Speed, and Gaining Consumer Trust

Why stream-based processing is more important than how much data you have, plus how to gain consumers' trust and why analytics speed is more important than the amount of big data you have.

Data Digest: Open-Source Databases, Self-Service IT, and Security Fundamentals

Why open source is a good option for enterprise databases, plus how to implement self-service into IT and why sticking to security fundamentals is smart.

Vendor M&A Considerations

What should your enterprise do once you hear of M&A activity?