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Accelerating M&A with Modern Data Management

We discuss rapid pre-merger analytics and post-merger integration in the cloud.

Q&A: Analytics Ushers in New Era of Data-Driven Sales Management

Combine data from a compensation management system with the power of analytics, mix in the right algorithms, and you have a prescription for far more powerful sales performance management.

Making the Most of Legacy Data (Part 2 of 2)

Old data can still provide new insights.

Data Digest: Unstructured, Dark, and Smartphone Data

We present three articles all focused on data: how to get insights from unstructured data, how to bring dark data to light to benefit your enterprise, and keeping data on smartphones secure.

Data Digest: Self-Service Integration Snags, Solving Virtualization Problems, and Security and the Pareto Principle

How to avoid problems with senf-service integration tools, plus solving 5 virtualization problems, and applying the 80/20 rule to cybersecurity.

Data Digest: Big Data Cloud Storage, Turning Data-Driven into Competitive, and Data Delivery

How to find safe, third-party cloud storage, moving from a data-driven enterprise to a competitive one, and getting the most accurate data to the people who need it.

Data Digest: Big Data Missteps, Making Open Source Work, and Approaching Data Lakes

Effectively using open source, avoiding missteps in your big data project, and how to avoid struggling with data lakes.