BI This Week

Data Digest: Data Scientist's Role, Best Data Management Practices, and the Upcoming Flood of Unstructured Data

What is a data scientist and what will that role look like in the future? Plus best practices in data management and the upcoming flood of unstructured data sets.

Data Digest: Storing Unstructured Data, Where To Go with Big Data, and Shrinking Data

Which is your better storage choice, NAS or object? Plus what to do now in the big data world and how to cut down the size of your data.

Convergence of Big Data, IoE, and Edge Analytics

The emerging Internet of Everything (IoE) is connecting a new wave of devices -- from industrial sensors and wearable devices to retail cameras -- to the Internet. The data from these devices can reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve customer service, but only if that data can be analyzed and acted on quickly.

Q&A: Women's Elite Cycling Team Uses Analytics to Put Them Ahead of the Curve

The use of advanced analytics in professional sports is still in its infancy, but a U.S. women's pro cycling team is analyzing its data to improve results.

BI Platforms Vie for Agile Bragging Rights

Mirror, mirror, on the wall: which is the most agile BI platform of all?

Data Digest: Big Data Efficiency, Compliance and Security, and Big Data and DevOps

Ensuring your big data use is efficient, plus the difference between security and compliance and how making use of big data intertwined with DevOps.

Data Digest: Big Data Biases, New Face of Data Storage, and Anti-Virus Vulnerability

The FTC's newest report warns of biases creating in to affect analysis, plus changes in data storage and vulnerabilities in anti-virus software.

Data Digest: What Data Scientists Do, plus Data Storage Trends and Asking the Right Questions

What's the role of a data scientist, plus storage trend predictions and analytics means asking the right questions.

Data Digest: Big Data's Teenage Years, Big Data Predictions, and Updating Business Processes

Has big data grown up too fast? Plus, industry predictions about what's ahead for big data in 2016 and the importance of securing seemingly safe business processes.