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Data Lakes and Data Storage

A New Front in the Data Wars? How to Evaluate Data Lakehouse Table Formats

What will be the standard table format for analytics: Apache Iceberg or Delta Lake?

Avoid Ending Up with a Marshy Mess Instead of a Data Lakehouse

What do you need to know about implementing a data lakehouse and using it effectively? Ori Rafael, CEO and co-founder of Upsolver, shares his perspective.

Data Lakehouses: The Key to Unlocking the Value of Your Unstructured Data

To reap the benefits of a data lakehouse, your organization needs to approach implementation the right way. Here are three best practices to help you.

Executive Q&A: Data Management Best Practices for Changing Times

Pandemic-driven work-from-home employees have complicated data management. Fred Forslund, VP of enterprise and cloud erasure solutions at Blancco, explains why enterprises should act and offers best practices to follow.

5 Steps to Implementing a Modern Data Fabric Framework

If your organization wants a modern data management strategy, consider following the five fundamental steps to implementing a data fabric framework described here.

Data Digest: Data Mesh Advantages and Alternatives, Plus Data Sharing

Combining data mesh and data fabric, considering the hub-and-spoke model, and modern knowledge-sharing tools.

Sunrise at the Lakehouse: Why the Future Looks Bright for the Data Lake’s Successor

A data lakehouse offers plenty of benefits -- including many that are not immediately obvious -- that mark a turning point in the evolution of data analytics.

Data Digest: Benefits and Pitfalls of Data Governance

Practical applications for data governance, avoiding common mistakes, and governance with a data mesh.

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