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CASE STUDY - Mobile Entertainment Industry Leader Binbit Evolves Its Business Intelligence with Data Integration: Data Integration from Talend Helps Binbit Process 11 Million Customer Records per Day for Analysis

Commentary by DiEduardo A. Paredes, Business Analyst, Binbit

Binbit is a world leader in mobile entertainment, delivering content through more than 60 mobile operators, several media groups, and 750 million end users. The company operates in 31 countries on four continents and has a wide catalog of content achieved by long-term partnerships with 80 of the world’s leading providers in the mobile entertainment industry.

The company’s B2C has more than 90,000 content choices in music, real sounds, video clips, games and Java applications, wallpapers and screensavers, and text. These services are promoted in more than 80 media outlets worldwide, including the most recognized TV and cable networks, magazines, newspapers, and online campaigns. Binbit is known for successfully replicating its competitive business model with high ROI in the countries in which it has operations.

When the Tools and Processes No Longer Work

Binbit is a relatively young mobile entertainment company that has experienced explosive growth over the past five years. What started out as small volumes of data from its end-user community has reached millions of records from around the globe. How does a company with this level of growth analyze increasing volumes of data from its end users for improved decision making? Until recently, Binbit’s challenge was that its existing processes and tools to support business intelligence could no longer support increasing data volumes, and the tools could no longer support the type of analysis the company required.

A Vision of Data Integration and Sophisticated BI

While Binbit is still relatively young, its vision is to operate with complete sophistication. To make this vision a reality, volumes of data about consumers and their responses to advertisements across multiple geographies needed to be analyzed. With volumes of data growing exponentially, running reports from MySQL in Excel spreadsheets was no longer a viable solution. The BI group at Binbit built a new MySQL data warehouse, selected MicroStrategy for its business intelligence reporting tool, and looked to Talend for its data integration solution.

“Talend has automated a timeconsuming and manual process of integrating 11 million records of valuable customer information from our MySQL database into MicroStrategy’s business intelligence tool for trend anlaysis.” —DiEduardo A. Paredes, Business Analyst, Binbit

Today, 11 million records from the company’s database are integrated in its new MySQL data warehouse and then into MicroStrategy’s BI tool—all through Talend. Approximately 100 internal users across different geographies and departments analyze the information to spot trends, such as which ads are working and how those ads can be applied to more regions. In addition, the finance department leverages financial data to forecast future revenue. The use of Talend is gradually eliminating the manual process of integrating data into Excel for analysis—a process that is not only inefficient, but also error prone.

Talend’s Value in the BI Ecosystem

The time and effort that was historically spent mining data, cleansing it, and loading it from MySQL to Excel can now be spent on analysis for improved decision making and revenue generation. With the use of Talend, data is now periodically imported into the MySQL data warehouse from the different systems across the company. The data is automatically integrated through Talend via defined rules that, if completed manually, would take three times or more, depending on the subject.

“The data warehouse, along with the analysis tools, help us find answers that would otherwise require hours of time and effort,” said DiEduardo A. Paredes, a business analyst for Binbit.

In a business like Binbit’s, data is the lifeblood of the organization. It is critical to ensure decision makers across a globally dispersed organization can get their hands on what’s working and what’s not so they can improve their financial performance. The use of Talend has automated the unviable process of integrating valuable nuggets of information from back-end systems into a front-end reporting and analysis tool.

“Talend is invaluable in helping us get to the next level of sophistication in our business,” said Paredes.

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