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Data Literacy in the Age of Self-Service: Research Trends and Directions

June 9, 2020

Prerequisite: None

David Stodder

Senior Research Director


Growing data literacy is critical to increasing your organization’s overall speed to insight and accelerating innovation with data. Interest in data literacy parallels the continued rise of self-service technologies and cloud-based services that enable nontechnical individuals to do more with less IT help to discover, prepare, analyze, visualize, and share data.

Although everyone gets excited about having new tools, too often data literacy is the missing ingredient without which users struggle to gain value from self-service technologies. If users have difficulty understanding and interpreting the data, no amount of traditional tooling will help them. Fortunately, trends point to the emergence of smarter self-service technologies that can help users improve their data literacy and have greater success in applying trusted data insights to their work.

This presentation will offer TDWI research perspectives on how data literacy impacts the adoption of self-service technologies and their use in increasing speed to insight. We will also look at related research about users’ success (or lack thereof) with BI, analytics, and data preparation projects to understand why raising data literacy should be a strategic priority.

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