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TDWI Virtual Summit

Shaping the
Future of Data Governance

September 6–7, 2023

8:30 am - 1:00 pm PT

Spotlight Talk: The Symbiotic Bonds Between Data, AI, and BI

September 6, 2023

Prerequisite: None

Nick Magnuson

Head of AI


With the rising tide of generative AI, data and analytics applications are natural use cases for leveraging faster, smarter ways to work. But this is not a one-way street of need and dependency. It’s true that AI amplifies the power of data and analytics applications, but it would not be possible without first benefiting from data integration and business intelligence practices.

This spotlight session will shed light on the pivotal role of data integration, governance, and analytics in harnessing the true potential of AI. These technologies ensure AI can be trusted, can be explained, and yields the intended organizational value. We will also highlight key ways AI is aiding data professionals and analysts to achieve greater outcomes, including improving data quality and speed to actionable insights.

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TDWI Virtual Summit
Shaping the Future of Data Governance

September 6—7