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TDWI Virtual World Conference

Executive Program

Invitation-Only Track for Data & Analytics Executives:

Future-Proofing Self-Service Analytics and Data Platforms

An exclusive gathering of experienced professionals, industry thought leaders, and top solution providers

The TDWI Executive Program supports data and analytics leaders like you who must embrace the brave new world of self-service technologies to promote excellence and innovation through data-driven insight.

TDWI’s latest quantitative research demonstrates that enabling users to do more on their own, with less IT intervention, has become a high priority in nearly every business. At the same time, many businesses struggle to maximize value and organizational advantage through the democratization of data and analytics.

Apply to attend the complimentary TDWI Executive Program during the TDWI Virtual World Conference, and learn how to lead your business to self-service-driven advantages that are future-proof, serve customers better, and are competitive in today’s evolving marketplaces, while maintaining solid governance and business alignment.

A limited number of qualified data and analytics leaders may attend the TDWI Executive Program free of charge and receive a six-course training pass for a member of their team. Applications will be accepted through October 30, 2020.

What to Expect

At the TDWI Executive Program, you will learn to sort through the new and varied options for self-service and to apply real-world best practices to maximize success.

Keynotes and expert sessions will give you a clear view of important trends and developments to help you set your strategy. Case study speakers will provide on-the-ground insights. Roundtable sessions build your professional contacts as you network with other leaders. This fast-tracks the knowledge and skills needed to lead your organization to success.

This executive track also accelerates your understanding and exposure to leading solutions through solutions spotlight sessions and 1-on-1 meetings. This helps you reduce the time needed to research, analyze, and establish a relationship with key solution providers in the emerging and rapidly evolving areas of self-service analytics and data platforms.

Why Join Us?

  • Direct access to quantitative research and analysis from TDWI
  • Expert sessions led by experienced practitioners from the TDWI faculty
  • Case study presentations from leading organizations
  • Hear from product leaders of innovative solution providers
  • Network with your peers in moderated virtual roundtable
  • Explore new technologies with 1:1 Meetings


As an added incentive to join us and commit to having three 15-minute meetings with our sponsoring solution providers (conducted prior to event at a time convenient to you), you will receive a six-course virtual conference training pass for a member of your team.

Complimentary for Qualified Attendees

The full complementary participation package will only be available to 150 qualified business and IT decision makers.

To qualify for complementary attendance, you must:
  • Meet job title requirements listed below
  • Approve or recommend systems or solutions for your organization
  • Be planning a purchase in the next 12 months
  • Participate in at least three 15-minute meetings with sponsoring vendors during the 1:1 meeting window
Qualifying job titles include:
  • CIOs, VPs, and directors of IT
  • BI/analytics/data science directors and senior managers
  • Business executives and senior managers
  • Architecture directors and senior managers
  • Data warehouse or analytics directors and senior managers
  • Senior business analysts, heads of data engineering, and data governance managers

Please share this website with the appropriate individuals in your organization!

Event Format

TDWI Executive Track Presentations

TDWI research, faculty experts, and case study speakers will address strategies and best practices for helping your organization maximize impact with analytics, self-service BI, and data platforms.

Afternoon Virtual Roundtables

The afternoon virtual roundtable meetings facilitate engaging discussions amongst industry professionals. Choose from various breakout rooms to connect with leaders from around the world.

You will gain high-level contacts with senior executives at both peer organizations and the leading technology solution providers.

One-on-One Meetings

The Executive Program at the TDWI VWC facilitates productive discussions between attendees and solution providers through private, one-on-one meetings.

These 15-minute meetings have proven to be ideal complements to the case study presentations, enabling attendees to get real answers to specific questions.

Meetings for qualified attendees are scheduled through the TDWI event registration platform and will be conducted prior to the event at a time convenient to participants.

Solutions Spotlights and Demo Theater

The Solution Spotlights and on-demand demo theater provide a firsthand look at technologies that support data management, analytics, and data science.

Attendees will have the opportunity to see demos and discuss solutions with leading providers.

Don't Miss This Opportunity!

For 25 years, TDWI has been helping data professionals further their skill sets and careers so the companies they work for can innovate and grow faster. We’ve built our reputation on delivering objective, vendor-neutral guidance to business and IT professionals so they can deliver positive results quickly.

Our goal is to maximize the value of your time as well as training budgets. The TDWI Executive Program continues this tradition by offering expert content in an interactive setting with a qualified audience of your peers, as well as providing in-depth training for a member of your team. Act now and apply today. Spots for qualified attendees will fill up quickly.