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WORKSHOP: Forging a Data Strategy - A Scorecard for Establishing Goals

November 12, 2019

Prerequisite: None

Evan Levy



Integral Data, LLC

A successful data strategy isn’t just about data management, naming standards, or governance methods. A successful data strategy aligns with the company’s goals and supports business execution details while simplifying (and improving) the use of the company’s data assets. One of the inevitable challenges in developing a data strategy is identifying a set of practical, achievable goals.

All too often, Data Strategy initiatives begin with a series of aspirational goals about better data, improved accuracy, and simplified access. Then the challenges of business reality set in: competing objectives, limited resources, and user impatience. It’s critical to establish a reasonable and achievable set of goals that can actually benefit all of the participants. In this 90-minute workshop, Evan Levy will review the core components of a data strategy and provide a scorecard approach that can be used to identify an organization’s initial set of data strategy goals.

You Will Learn

  • The core components of a data strategy
  • The key attributes of each of component
  • The Data Strategy Scorecard
  • How to identify an initial set of data strategy goals

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