KEYNOTE: Taking Advanced Analytics from Technical Investment to Business Value

June 4, 2018

Prerequisite: None

James Taylor


Decision Management Solutions

Adopting advanced analytics is widely perceived as a technical problem. Putting in place the big data and analytic infrastructure required, learning the algorithms, hiring data scientists and deploying the results are all technically complex problems. But focusing on these technical problems results in an advanced analytic program that is technically-led and not business-focused.

Such programs struggle to move make the transition from technical investment to business value. Working with successful advanced analytic programs all over the world, James Taylor has identified three key ingredients in business-led analytic programs: They measure success in business terms, not analytic terms; They embed their analytics deeply in their business operations; And they see advanced analytics as a tool for continuous, not one-time, improvement.

In this Keynote, James will discuss each of the three ingredients. He will offer real-world lessons and best practices that will help you maximize the business value of your advanced analytic program. You will learn how to determine what’s missing from your program and the concrete steps you can take to bring business value to the heart of your advanced analytics program.

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