TDWI Orlando Leadership Summit

Expert Speaker: Analytics Services in the Information Management Landscape

December 5, 2017

Prerequisite: None

Chris Adamson


Founder and BI Specialist

Oakton Software LLC

In establishing an analytics capability, it is easy to get lost in the internal view of your program. Choosing a service model and building out your capabilities will require clear focus on business alignment, skill sets, processes, and technologies—all of which are quickly evolving.

Establishing an analytics program also brings changes to existing data management functions. Your analytics program will collide head-on with other data-oriented services—from traditional OLAP and performance management offerings, to data governance and MDM programs, to innovation centers and the PMO.

Establishing an effective program requires you to take an external view—one that considers these impacts regardless of the organizational paradigm you choose. How are analytics priorities coordinated with those of traditional BI, performance management, or data governance? How do solutions from these areas integrate with one another? Does the addition of an analytics capability change the internal processes of other program offerings?

This talk details the relationship between analytics and other services, and explores how these service areas impact one another. This is not the first time that the scope of information management programs has expanded and it turns out that lessons learned from the past can help guide our current expansion.

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