TDWI Orlando Leadership Summit

CASE STUDY: Advanced Analytics in Customer-Centric Strategies

December 5, 2017

Prerequisite: None

Daqing Zhao


Director, Advanced Analytics

Data and analytics play an important role in customer centric strategies, whether for online media, omnichannel retail, or higher education. Advanced analytics uses data to build powerful tools for improving our customer communications, understanding customers in retention, segmentation and life time value analysis, and modeling.

At, data scientists are also domain experts who focus on solving data-driven business problems and generating AI solutions, as well as related modeling-building and deployment platforms. They take a portfolio-based approach, using various data sources and modeling algorithms, extensive testing, and experimentation to find solutions with sustainable benefits.

Zhao will discuss his experience in these areas with case studies to illustrate the lessons learned.

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TDWI Orlando Leadership Summit

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