CASE STUDY: An Analytics Adventure: It all starts with The Truth. A Single Source of Truth, that is.

February 12, 2018

Prerequisite: None

Melissa Pomeroy

Vice President, Business Information Services Manager

St. Mary’s Bank

Back in 2014, St. Mary’s Bank, the oldest Credit Union in the country, was poised to embark upon a major technological transformation. As it was approaching $1B in assets, it was time to upgrade core software and redesign infrastructure. Vendors were selected, contracts were signed and leadership was energized. What a perfect time to begin the arduous, albeit rewarding, transition to a data-driven financial institution.

In her case study presentation, Melissa will tell the story of how St. Mary’s Bank began their Analytics Adventure with a Single Source of Truth. From this starting point, the path towards becoming a fully data-driven financial institution began. While the Adventure continues to evolve today, highlight lessons learned during the journey, point out some significant wins accomplished along the way, and map out the plan to complete the remaining stages of the journey. Specifically, this case study will underscore the need for leadership and departmental support, and will offer suggestions on how to mitigate some of the barriers presented by a company culture that is historically averse to change. It will spotlight some “quick wins” and some costly diversions. But all in all, it will tell the story of how – with an optimized Enterprise Data Warehouse as a launching pad – even a paper-based, spreadsheet dependent Credit Union in NH can learn to adopt a data-driven culture.

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