TDWI Chicago Leadership Summit

CASE STUDY: A Journey to the Cloud

May 8, 2018

Prerequisite: None

Dustin Spangler

VP of Data & Analytics

Larry H. Miller Sports & Entertainment

Larry H. Miller Sports & Entertainments owns multiple sports and entertainment businesses within the Salt Lake City, UT entertainment market, including the NBA’s Utah Jazz, FANZZ/Just Sports retail stores, MegaPlex movie theaters, and minor league baseball and basketball teams. This session focuses on the data integration Larry H. Miller has done between all of these different entities in order to provide their organization with a connected view of the customer within their regional market and the associated consumer behaviors within all of these diverse entities. It is an interesting story given the regional market focus in terms of how this data can drive better decisions to raise their overall performance among this customer base. Additionally, the organization has a new Smart Arena for the Utah Jazz that is allowing them to utilize a whole new collection of data points to improve the customer experience at games and up their marketing game both ahead of the event, and during the event.

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