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PANEL DISCUSSION: Data Mesh—Is It Still the Next Big Thing?

November 7, 2022

Prerequisite: None

Stewart Bryson

Head of Customer Experience


Mark Cusack

Chief Technology Officer


Terry Dorsey

Enterprise Information Architect


Colin Dover

Senior Director, Platform and Technology Center of Excellence


Fern Halper, Ph.D.

VP and Sr. Research Director


The data mesh has been the shiny, new distributed computing paradigm for the past several years. Proponents of this approach argue that it is well-suited to enterprises in which data ownership and management are distributed across multiple domains.

However, the hype surrounding data mesh has outpaced actual enterprise adoption. A recent TDWI research survey indicates that mesh architectures lag behind multicloud and fabric approaches in enterprise data professionals’ strategic planning. This raises the question of whether data mesh is still a relevant architectural strategy for today’s enterprise data management practices.

In this sponsor panel, TDWI vice president and senior director of TDWI Research for advanced analytics Fern Halper will lead experts in an in-depth discussion of whether data mesh is still the next big thing in distributed architectures.

The discussion will focus on several key issues:

  • What is a data mesh?
  • What are the principal enterprise use cases for data mesh?
  • What are the quantifiable benefits from enterprise adoption of a data mesh?
  • What are the core enabling platforms and tools that enterprises must adopt in order to implement a data mesh?
  • Does a data mesh replace or supplement a hybrid cloud, multicloud, virtualized fabric, or federated data environment?
  • What are the challenges of migrating existing enterprise data management environments to mesh architectures?
  • How time-consuming, costly, difficult, and risky would it be to implement a data mesh?
  • What are the governance and security implications of a data mesh?
  • What changes does the data mesh require in enterprise data management organizational and staffing models?
  • Coalesce
  • denodo
  • SAP
  • Yellowbrick

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