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CASE STUDY: Building a Collaborative Data Platform to Support Dozens of Teams’ Use Cases

May 15, 2023

Prerequisite: None

Seth Therrien

Principal Data Engineer


In this session, Seth Therrien will discuss how tax software provider Avalara built its data platform to meet the requirements of dozens of teams and various types of data use cases—from streaming data for customer reporting to batch business intelligence and everything in between. Its cloud data platform integrates data from dozens of sources, including OLTP product databases, business and marketing apps, and streaming event data.

All of this source data syncs with the cloud platform, where fine-grained RBAC access policies have been installed so each team and project can have custom access to data sources. The teams can then build analytics, dashboards, data products, and ML/AI products. The platform has enabled hundreds of users across many teams to deliver immense value by connecting data together efficiently and ensuring accuracy and latency. Using modern cloud data warehouse technology means that processing can scale to have data available within minutes and query against billions of rows of data in seconds.

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