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Course Description

S2 Agile Cloud Migration: A Business-Sensitive Framework for Cloud AdoptionNEW!

August 6, 2023

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Duration: Full Day Class

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Prerequisite: None

Michael L. Gonzales, Ph.D.

Chief Architect and Data Scientist


This course will provide you with a framework for large-scale migration initiatives across the enterprise. It is based on best practices born from decades of experience moving legacy systems onto modern platforms, with techniques that support five core objectives:

  • Focus on user communities to educate stakeholders and entice their interest in a modern platform. Community focus begins by conducting interactive workshops to demonstrate legacy migration use cases and stimulate discussion of the value of data science and business intelligence.
  • Careful examination of the legacy code and applications and the user communities they support.
  • Identification and accommodation of business objectives and constraints by providing multiple alternatives to migrate.
  • Ensure the successful migrations of user communities through change management and technical support.
  • Acknowledge that your migration effort is not operating in a vacuum. We often must coordinate and collaborate with parallel initiatives in data migration and governance.
  • This framework provides a business-sensitive approach to migration by explicitly acknowledging business risks and constraints, and it provides techniques to meet each core objective.

You Will Learn

  • The value of migrating to a modern cloud architecture for analytics
  • Steps for conducting internal vision workshops to better leverage cloud analytics for competitive advantage for your organization
  • How to create and execute readiness and impact assessments for prioritizing your migration effort
  • The various migration options available and their unique objectives
  • The scope of migration within the context of other initiatives

Geared To

Decision makers who define or impact future architecture, including:

  • Business executives
  • Data scientists
  • IT executives
  • Data management professionals
  • Data architects, application architects, and enterprise architects
  • Program managers

The clock is ticking.

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