TDWI Orlando Conference

M6P Tipping the Sacred Cows of Emerging Technologies

November 12, 2018

1:45 pm - 5:00 pm

Duration: Half Day Course

Prerequisite: None

Evan Levy


One of the biggest challenges in the world of technology is balancing the need to deliver with the desire to adopt the benefits of new technology. The world of Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing (DW) has undergone revolutionary change. While the concept of billion row tables and terabyte storage seemed unmanageable just a few years ago, today’s technologies support data volumes dramatically larger and more complex that we ever imagined. Our technology teams have evolved from loading data from a handful of in-house systems to supporting dozens of data sources originating from internal and cloud-based systems. Many of our end users have progressed from GUI-based report usage to advanced analysis tools (and integrating their data with 3rd party data providers).

The introduction (or explosion) of new data sources, complex data types, unstructured data, and advanced analytics has challenged many of our traditional approaches to loading, managing and delivering data to our business users. The industry has introduced new sophisticated analysis systems, better data management tools, advanced database technologies, and new methods for supporting all of this new stuff. While the industry is insisting that we can handle anything with these new technologies – experience suggests that not all claims are likely to be completely accurate.

Following his course on the Sacred Cows of Data Warehousing, Evan Levy will cover some of the new and emerging areas of business intelligence and data warehousing. While there’s always enthusiasm about new methods, techniques, and technologies, many question whether these new technologies are ready to challenge their proven paradigms, or if they are they really just fancy vendor sales tools. Evan will approach each topic with a point/counterpoint view based on real world facts and experiences.

The topics reviewed will include

  • BI/DW disruptive technologies: exaggeration, fact, and interpretation
  • Database technology alternatives
  • New platform ideas and approaches
  • Innovative data and technology architectures
  • Self-service concepts, tools, and tactics

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