TH1 TDWI Performance Management: Dashboards, Scorecards, and Metrics for Real Business Impact

February 15, 2018

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Duration: Full Day Course

Level: CBIP

Prerequisite: None

Performance management (PM) is a core practice in business management today, and it ranks high among the value opportunities of business intelligence. Using data to set goals and measure performance is a proven key to business success. Performance management strengthens the connection of tactics with strategy, and of operations with tactics—enabling feedback, monitoring, and accountability across all levels of business activity.

Dashboards and scorecards are the most effective ways to deliver business intelligence that drives performance management. A top-quality dashboard or scorecard looks deceptively simple, but creating simple and effective interfaces is surprisingly difficult. A powerful dashboard or scorecard involves the right indicators and metrics, the right visual elements, attention to relationships among visual elements, and the right kinds of click-through and user interaction. Further complexity arises when you work with groups of related scorecards and dashboards that must fit together to form an integrated performance management system.

You Will Learn

  • Techniques to identify high-impact performance indicators and business metrics
  • How measurement and feedback are applied to increase business effectiveness and improve business efficiency
  • How to define and design performance management architecture
  • How to foster a performance management culture
  • When to use scorecards and when to use dashboards
  • Design techniques for dashboards and scorecards
  • How to integrate dashboards and scorecards including cascading and drill-in
  • How to choose the right indicators, metrics, and visual elements for dashboards and scorecards
  • Data management techniques for scorecards and dashboards

Geared To

  • BI program and project managers; BI and performance management architects, designers, and developers; business executives and managers seeking performance improvements; dashboard and scorecard designers and developers; anyone with a role in defining, creating, or applying business metrics

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