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T6P Distributed Data Processing with NoSQLNEW!

May 9, 2017

2:15 pm - 5:30 pm

Duration: Half Day Course

Prerequisite: None

We have been witnessing the growth of the “internet” as we know it since the mid-1990’s. The phenomenon has not stopped launching open source success that has driven the industry crazy with several tipping points from both infrastructure and analytics perspectives. One such area is the NoSQL (Not only SQL) databases. This concept has emerged from how the web uses databases, what needs to be applied to manage the same and how we can leverage it for analytics.

In this half day session, we will discuss the following with respect to NoSQL databases:

  • NoSQL Databases Defined – a introduction to the platform, types of databases, usage patterns
  • Distributed data processing with Databases – what is the idea, how do we implement the same, NoSQL implementations of the same, Data modeling for NoSQL
  • Architecture and Configuration – an in-depth look across different databases, their architectures, configuration and usage
  • Planning and Implementing NoSQL – how do you start the journey, the proof of concept, selection of databases, implementation journey, pitfalls to avoid
  • Case Studies of NoSQL

You Will Learn

  • NoSQL Databases – definition, standards, types, key-value models, wide-column databases, graph databases, document databases
  • Distributed Data Processing – what is it?, how to define and architect?, where are the use-cases?
  • Pitfalls and Risks to Avoid
  • Success Stories

Geared To

  • All Audiences interested in Distributed Data Processing

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