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TH5 The Data Provocateur: Taking Charge of Data QualityNEW!

May 11, 2017

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Duration: Full Day Course

Prerequisite: None

Most organizations address data quality reactively, after errors are made and, as a direct result, suffer from bad data.  It takes a special person, a “data provocateur,” to challenge the status quo, address data quality pro-actively by “getting in front” of the issues, making a huge improvement, and, in effect, showing the rest of the company what is possible.  This highly-interactive workshop provides the essential steps to becoming an effective provocateur.

You Will Learn

  • What a data provocateur can accomplish.
  • A four-step process for becoming a successful provocateur.
  • How to baseline quality using the Friday Afternoon Measurement.
  • A simple process for understanding customer needs.
  • A simple process for finding, and eliminating, root causes of error.

Geared To

Anyone who needs data to do their jobs effectively, including:

  • Those who are not getting the quality data they need from corporate DQ functions,
  • Data quality managers, who need to demonstrate successes more quickly.
  • Data scientists and others who spend more time dealing with mundane data quality issues that they do using the data.

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