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TH5 The Data Provocateur: Taking Charge of Data QualityNEW!

May 11, 2017

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Duration: Full Day Course

Prerequisite: None

Dr. Redman recently introduced the term publicly (see for example, “Data Quality should be Everyone’s Responsibility” in HBR) and many people have asked “how can I become a data provocateur?”  This workshop provides the answer. 

Most companies and government agencies address data quality reactively, after errors are made and, as a direct result, suffer from bad data.  To date, it has taken a special person, to challenge the status quo within his or her work team, address data quality by “getting in front” of the issues, making a huge improvement, and, in effect, showing the rest of the company what is possible this person the “data provocateur.” 

This is a highly interactive, full-day workshop specifically designed for anyone who depends on high-quality data to do their work.  It features the work of an exemplary provocateur, provides step-by-step instructions for becoming a provocateur, and time to explore how you’ll actually make it happen in your organization.

 You Will Learn

  • What is a “data provocateur?”
  • Why data quality problems arise? (Answer: The rising middle manager)
  • The hidden data factory-what is this?
  • The provocateur’s “persona” (you’ll be surprised by what this is)
  • Provocateur defined, with special emphasis on soft skills.
  • Discussion:  Can you fill the role?
  • The Four-Step Process for Becoming a Provocateur:
    • “Do I (we) have a data quality problem?”
    • Clarify, document, and communicate customer needs/Connect customers and creator
    • Make improvements to close the gaps
    • Summarize results

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