TDWI Chicago Conference

S6A Dirty Data: Dangers, Dollars, and Diligence

May 7, 2017

9:00 am - 12:15 pm

Duration: Half Day Course

Prerequisite: None

Keeping data clean is one of the hardest challenges we face as data professionals. This session will tackle the dangers of dirty data, address its cost, and help you establish a plan to keep data clean going forward.




You Will Learn

  • How to identify dirty data
  • How to quantify the cost of data that is not clean
  • Which data to clean first
  • How to measure data quality now and in the future
  • Ways to get management support
  • How to get data "clean enough"
  • What tools are available to accelerate data cleaning
  • How to establish a plan to keep data clean
  • Ways to maintain interest and support in the future

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May 7–12