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M7P The Logical Data Warehouse Architecture: Design, Architecture, and TechnologyNEW!

May 8, 2017

1:45 pm - 5:00 pm

Duration: Half Day Course

Prerequisite: None

The classic data warehouse architecture has had a long and successful run, but we’re starting to stretch its abilities to the limit. The logical data warehouse may take its place, which has an architecture consisting of less physical data stores, less redundant storage of data, is more suitable for operational BI, and is much more flexible. Mature technology in the form of data virtualization servers exist to develop a logical data warehouse. Products from Cisco, Denodo, Informatica, RedHat, and StoneBond have proven that large BI systems can be developed using data virtualization. In addition, now that more and more data is produced in a distributed fashion, it may not be smart anymore to move the data to a centralized store for integration purposes. It’s time to move the integration process to the data. Especially big data can be too big to move.

You Will Learn

  • What the practical benefits of the logical data warehouse architecture are and what the differences with the classical architecture are.
  • How organizations can successfully migrate to this flexible logical data warehouse architecture in a step-by-step fashion.
  • About the possibilities and limitations of the available products.
  • How data virtualization products work.
  • How big data can be added transparently to an existing BI environment.
  • How the logical data warehouse helps to integrate self-service BI with classical forms of BI.
  • How users can be granted access to 100% up-to-date data without disrupting the operational systems.
  • What the real-life experiences are of organizations that have already implemented a logical data warehouse.

Geared To

  • Business intelligence specialists and data warehouse designers who want to know what the pros and cons of the logical data warehouse architecture are.
  • Data scientists, data analysts, and business analysts who use and work with data every day and who want to know how the logical data warehouse can help them get access to data faster.
  • Technology planners, technical architects, and enterprise architects who need to know what the impact on the overall architecture is of this new approach.
  • Database developers and database administrators who need to know what the impact is of a logical data warehouse architecture on database aspects.
  • IT Managers who need to be informed about what the logical data warehouse architecture has as business benefits.

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