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M5 MDM - A Best Practice Guide to Design and Implementation

May 8, 2017

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Duration: Full Day Course

Prerequisite: None

This workshop focusses on the end-to-end implementation of master data management and tries to address the hardest problems that arise in an MDM project. It looks at the broader picture of information governance, data quality and metadata management before applying these to an MDM project. It also address design issues such as inbound integration of master data to consolidate master data when it is scattered across many different data sources, and the outbound synchronisation of it to supply both operational and analytical systems. It also looks at master data virtualisation when you have a hybrid state of some master data consolidates and some not.  In particular it looks at what needs to be considered when dealing with data integration and data synchronisation to achieve best practice in design and implementation.

You Will Learn

  • An introduction to data governance
  • Introducing a shared business vocabulary
  • Metadata management
  • Enterprise data quality and data integration
  • The main approaches to implementing MDM
  • What kind of MDM system are you building? - a System of Record, Centralised Master Data Entry System or both
  • Understanding master data maintenance in your enterprise
  • Best practices in designing master data consolidation
    • Data capture techniques
    • The benefits of standardising inbound data to a an MDM system
    • Should history be kept in a MDM system?
    • Approaches to cleansing, and matching
    • Consolidation Vs virtualising master data to create an MDM system
    • Enriching master data using Big Data Analytics
    • Matching at scale – Leveraging Hadoop and HBase for scalable master data matching
  • Best practices in designing outbound master data synchronisation
    • Integrating an MDM system with an enterprise service bus for outbound synchronisation of operational systems
    • Schema and integrity synchronisation problems that can occur and what to do about them
    • Conflict resolution on outbound synchronisation
    • Design considerations when integrating MDM with ETL tools for synchronising data warehouses and data marts
  • The emergence of Blockchain for master data maintenance
  • Accelerating master data queries using  graph query processing and graph analytics  
  • Maximising the use of data virtualisation in MDM
  • The implications of switching to centralised master data entry
  • The change management program imposed by centralised master data entry

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