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TDWI Chicago, May 8-13, has been postponed.

We will now be delivering this conference program at TDWI San Diego, August 7–12, 2022. The conference site will be live soon! Sign up for email updates below. Register here.

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Course Description

W2 Data Governance Bootcamp // Culture and Human Dynamics in Data Governance: The Keys to SuccessNEW!

May 11, 2022

9:00 am - 5:30 pm

Duration: Full Day Course

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Prerequisite: None

Len Silverston


Universal Mindful, LLC

Understanding the personal, cultural, and political environment and consciously employing proven principles to enable success are critical to any data governance effort. The most successful data governance efforts usually share one thing in common: they developed and implemented effective strategies that provided fertile cultural and political ground for success.

This course focuses on cultural and human behavior principles, tools, and techniques to empower participants in meeting objectives and moving toward effective data governance. Len Silverston will relate these human dynamics principles to data governance processes such as setting up the organization, developing an inventory of data and taxonomy/business glossary, issues management, metrics and measurement, data quality, and procedures/policies and solutions. The instructor will share various insights, showing pitfalls where data governance efforts can go (and have gone) off course as well as sharing keys to successful data governance efforts. There will be interactive exercises where participants can practice handling difficult issues that commonly arise by applying principles leading to effective data governance.

This is part of an optional Data Governance Bootcamp. Learn more about the courses offered, or attend this individual course.

You Will Learn

  • The political and cultural factors for which successful data governance teams need to be aware and prepared
  • Tools, principles, and techniques to enable data governance such as keys in understanding motivations, facilitating a common vision, developing trust, and managing conflict
  • Stories of how culture and politics either killed or fostered data governance
  • How to apply these principles to areas within data governance, e.g., how they can be used in organizational setup, issues management, establishment of glossaries, metrics and measures, procedures and policies, and more
  • How to prepare for cultural and political challenges and apply powerful techniques for developing more effective environments with practice in this nonthreatening, classroom setting
  • Techniques for overcoming challenges that data governance professionals inevitably face

Geared To

  • Data governance professionals, including data stewards and data curators
  • Data management professionals, including CDOs, BI managers, and data quality managers
  • Data analytics professionals, including CAOs, data scientists, and data analysts
  • Architects, data engineers, BI and analytics developers, data modelers
  • Business stakeholders, compliance officers, risk management professionals, internal auditors

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