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TDWI Transform 2024

Chicago | Apr. 28–May 3

Course Description

MK Keynote & Luncheon // Managing Data as an Actual Asset

April 29, 2024

12:15 pm - 1:45 pm

Prerequisite: None

Douglas Laney

Innovation Fellow, Data and Analytics Strategy

West Monroe

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Increasingly, business professionals (not just data and IT professionals) speak about “data as an asset.” Is this just lip service or are organizations really prepared to apply traditional asset management principles and practices to data? In this talk, Mr. Laney will discuss both the importance of treating data as an actual corporate asset and how to do so by adapting lessons from material, financial, personnel, and intellectual property asset management.

The keynote will emphasize the need for organizations to adopt a structured and strategic approach to managing data with the same rigor applied to other corporate assets. In this way organizations can maximize the value of their data by mitigating risks, improving operational efficiency, and driving more reliable decision-making.

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TDWI Chicago

Chicago, IL
April 28–May 3