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Analysts Don't See Great Value in New Data Types

According to new survey, data from research firm Clutch, most users of BI data analytics tools find traditional data types more valuable than new data sources. Is this really a surprise?

Data Digest: IoT Essentials, IoT on the Edge, Benefits of Self-Service Data Prep

Today’s articles discuss essential facts you might not know about IoT, how IoT data is increasing the need for edge analytics, and why self-service data prep will help you get the most out of self-service BI.

Data Digest: IoT Data Privacy, IoT Architecture, Data Lake Basics

Today read about privacy concerns that consumers have around IoT data, updating your architecture to take advantage of IoT devices, and the structure, history, and benefits of data lakes.

Data Digest: Edge Analytics, Data-Driven Marketing Opportunities, Decision Rights in Big Data

Today’s articles discuss moving analytics to the site of data collection, finding new target markets with big data, and assigning decision rights for agility with big data.

Data Digest: IoT Recommendations -- Object Storage, Playing to Your Strengths, Designing Strategy

Read how object storage might help manage IoT data, why IoT success isn’t dependent on owning an ecosystem, and how to develop and implement a great IoT strategy

Define Your Business Case for Streaming Analytics

For a successful streaming analytics project, first you need to identify which business processes can benefit. Use this list of questions to frame your business case.

Teradata Takes Aster to Hadoop, AWS, Accelerates Analytics for IoT

This week, Teradata announced four new Analytics Accelerators for IoT and made good on a promise to port its Aster discovery platform to Hadoop -- and to Amazon's AWS.

Data Digest: Cloud Storage Drawbacks, Pitfalls of Big Data Marketing, IoT Security Checklist

Today read about the benefits and drawbacks of cloud storage, how marketers are both using and misusing big data, and a checklist of needed security measures for your IoT devices.

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