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Data Digest: Streaming Analytics Basics, Consumer Intent, Big Data Security

In these articles, learn the basics of streaming analytics, how marketers can use big data to understand consumer intent, and how to protect your big data assets.

Data Digest: IoT Focus: Media Perceptions, Preparing Your Infrastructure, Early Challenges

Today learn why media coverage of IoT devices is leading to widespread skepticism, what infrastructure changes you can make to prepare your enterprise for IoT data, and how enterprises using IoT aren’t yet making full use of their potential.

Data Digest: Handling IoT Data and IoT Security, Using Competitive Intelligence

Read these articles for advice on establishing IoT data governance, improving IoT security at the management level, and integrating competitive intelligence into your marketing.

Data Digest: Dangers of External Devices, IoT Platform Defined, BI Advice for Small Business

In today’s articles: how to protect your network from third-party devices, what defines an IoT platform, and how small businesses can benefit from BI.

Data Digest: IoT Security, Big Data Compliance, Big Data Strategy

These articles provide tips about securing IoT and cloud technologies, keeping big data projects compliant, and integrating big data into business strategy.

Data Digest: Data Science Solutions, IoT Value, Cloud BI Benefits

Today read tips from a data scientist about three data challenges, techniques for getting business value from IoT technologies, and reasons to consider cloud BI tools versus a traditional data warehouse.

The Case for Smarter Data Integration

To support IoT and Industrial IoT use cases, data integration must become both more automated and more explicitly analytical. In other words, it needs to be smarter.

Data Digest: IoT Marketing Regulations, Open Source Hardware, In-Depth Cloud Security

Read about marketing challenges with IoT, the potential in open source hardware, and how to ensure your cloud computing is secure.

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