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Data Lakes and Data Storage

Data Digest: Data Center Analytics, Prepare for Machine Data, 7 Visualization Tools

How advanced analytics can improve data centers, why enterprises need to be ready for more machine and sensor data, and 7 tools for better data visualizations.

Data Digest: Inclusive Marketing Data Strategies, Enterprise Data Lakes, Security Through Open Source

How the wrong data strategy can miss new customers, creating an enterprise data lake, and why one man believes open source is the key to real security.

Six Data and Analytics Trends Heard at Strata Hadoop World 2016

Details of six popular analytics trends discussed at Strata Hadoop World that employ advanced analytics and/or make data consumable.

Data Digest: Big Data Pitfalls, Customer Data Integration, Data Retention Tips

Today learn about the blunders many enterprises make with big data, improving your customer data with more integration, and choosing the right amount of data to store.

Data Digest: Securing the Cloud, Understanding Data Lake Pitfalls, Choosing Self-Service BI Tools

Tactics and advice for securing cloud data, problems with data lakes, and myths about self-service BI tools.

Data Digest: Data Manipulation Threats, Successful Data Lakes, Defining BI and Analytics

Find out why the next cyberattack might include data manipulation, best practices to make your data lake successful, and the differences between BI, data analytics, and data science

Data Digest: IoT Data Privacy, IoT Architecture, Data Lake Basics

Today read about privacy concerns that consumers have around IoT data, updating your architecture to take advantage of IoT devices, and the structure, history, and benefits of data lakes.

Data Digest: Uses for Leftover Data Sets, Drawbacks of Data Lakes, Cloud Best Practices

These articles explain why leftover “garbage” data sets actually have value, why you should be skeptical about data lakes, and what to consider when integrating cloud computing to your enterprise.

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