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Data Lakes and Data Storage

Data Digest: Big Data Context, Data Lake in a Box, Data Governance Mistakes

Read how KPIs give necessary context to big data, how Koverse promises an effective data lake in 30 days, and what 5 data governance mistakes to avoid in your big data project.

Data Digest: Shadow Data, Data Hoarding, and Different Types of Data Scientists

In today’s articles, read about the dangers of ungoverned access to “shadow data,” the costs of hoarding every bit of data, and tactics for hiring the type of data scientist that matches your needs.

Considering a Cloud-based EDW: Questions You Must Ask

Enterprise data warehousing in the cloud represents a major change in thinking as well as in architecture. Addressing these critical questions can help you judge the practical value of cloud EDW for your enterprise.

Data Digest: Exploring Security Methods for IoT, Monetizing IoT Data, Managing Data Lakes

Learn why “lean security” principles might help you secure your IoT devices, how IoT data can create opportunities for profit, and how a well-managed data lake creates a fertile ground for predictive analytics.

The Data Lake: What It Is, What It's For, Where It's Going

Evolving approaches to analytics and data management are driving users toward the data lake as a new way of managing certain data.

Data Digest: Data Lakes versus Streams, Legal and Security Problems for Big Data

Read about the relative benefits of data lakes and data streams, how to avoid discriminatory results in big data analytics, and how to improve security for your big data environment.

Save Your Data? Maybe, Maybe Not!

Rather than saving every piece of data by default, enterprises should evaluate their data and assess whether keeping it is a potential value or a potential risk.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Starting with a Clean Slate

There's reason to think HPE can put its muscle behind its creditable analytical technologies and, finally, make good on its promise.

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