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Data Lakes and Data Storage

Data Digest: IoT in B2Bs, Data Lake Best Practices, Creating a Data Ocean

Potential applications of IoT for B2B enterprises, plus tips to help you prepare for a new data lake and how to effectively build your data lake one stream at a time.

Don’t Let Your Data Lake Become a Swamp (Part 2 of 2)

What, exactly, does the infrastructure look like that we need so data lakes can support analytical processing?

Don’t Let Your Data Lake Become a Swamp (Part 1 of 2)

How do you prevent your data lake from becoming a data dump? It’ll take a new set of infrastructures and technologies, especially one called textual disambiguation.

Historical Data: From Data Warehouse to Immutable Blockchain

For data warehousing, the blockchain has the potential to simplify and even eliminate the process of building history.

Data Warehouses and Data Lakes: Why You Need Both

Big data by itself doesn't mean big value.

Data Digest: Keeping Your Data Lake Clean, Hit the Ground Running with IoT, and New IoT Standards

How to clean your data lake for the best analytics, understanding what you're getting into with IoT, and old rivals unite to set new IoT standards.

Agile Alternatives for a Modernized Data Warehouse Environment

The appeal of the agile technology alternatives goes beyond the potential for improved performance. They all represent approaches to augmenting the data warehouse environment in ways that reduce restrictions.

Data Digest: Where's Your Data, Prep Data Scientist, and Diving into Data Lakes

A call for a new enterprise infrastructure focused on easy access to all collected data, hiring a prep scientist, and the dangers of diving into a data lake without a plan.

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