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Data Digest: Customer-Centered Big Data Strategy, Cloud Computing Myths, Open Source in the Enterprise

Merge different data sources with customer data for smarter analytics, five persistent misconceptions about cloud computing, and the pros and cons of open source software for business use.

At re:Invent, Amazon Enhances AWS Yet Again

At the re:Invent conference, Amazon announced a slew of new products, services, and features, including a technology for querying against its S3 storage service and a new AI framework.

Data Digest: Evolving Analysts, 4 Cybersecurity Practices, Multiple Cloud Deployments

How to train current analysts in advanced analytics, 4 ways to prepare for a data breach, and myths about using more than one cloud platform.

The Hyperconvergence of Microsoft BI and Analytics

Microsoft's cloud-based BI and analytics stack isn't just evolving -- it's converging with its established, on-premises BI and analytics stack.

Data Digest: Managing Big Content, Cloud Storage, Data Storytelling

How to handle large amounts of unstructured data, how to optimize your cloud storage, and how data storytelling can help many enterprises.

Data Digest: Prediction Flaws, Public Cloud Security, Machine Learning with Text

Learn how to apply the lessons of the election to your predictions, what the major security threats in the public cloud are, and how to combine machine learning with unstructured data.

Data Digest: Cloud Computing Models, Data Quality Teams, Big Data Value

Choose the right cloud model, staff a great data quality team, and ensure that your big data project will create positive ROI.

Teradata: Here, There, and Everywhere

For companies trying to balance the convenience of the cloud against on-premises performance advantages, Teradata Everywhere should be compelling.

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