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Analysis: Birst Tackles the New Siloing

Cloud BI player Birst says that it's the biggest name in network BI. Network BI isn't a recognized category, but Birst's vision of it gets at a real and pressing problem.

SAP and Apple Partner for Enterprise Mobility

The enterprise mobility partnership SAP and Apple Inc. announced this week has an interesting BI and analytics angle.

Tragically HIP: Major Players Concentrate on Hybrid Integration Platforms

IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and other traditional DI powers are no longer leading the integration-platform-as-a-service pack. Instead, they're working feverishly on HIP for the interconnected environments of the future.

Data Digest: Cloud Spending, Open Source IoT, and Open Standards

How cloud computing is being adopted by enterprises of all sizes, why manufacturers should turn over the keys of abandoned IoT devices to the open source community, and open standards and open source software development.

AWS Is a Money-Making Machine

Amazon’s AWS is now a $10 billion a year business -- and AWS’s data management-related services contribute approximately $1 billion annually to this total. By the looks of it, that share is poised to grow -- perhaps even explode.

Data Digest: 6 IoT Security Risks, Keeping Data Lakes Clean, and a Fog Layer for IoT

How to make sure your enterprise stays safe when connecting to IoT devices, keeping your data lake pure, and Inserting a "fog" layer between devices and the cloud.

Data Digest: Mixing Big Data and in the Cloud; Understanding Unstructured Data; Getting Value from Big Data

How to overcome 6 common challenges when implementing big data in the cloud, plus how to mind unstructured data and how to find value and overcome challenges when using big data.

Data Digest: Cloud Computing; Hadoop Best Practices

Heading off concerns about cloud computing, an in-depth look at the cloud application layer, and best practices for Hadoop.

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