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Amazon Dominating in the Cloud

Amazon is one of a "Gang of Four" -- the others are Microsoft, IBM, and Google -- that control the cloud hosting market. Amazon and AWS have more than twice the share of runner-up Microsoft.

Data Digest: Cloud Storage Drawbacks, Pitfalls of Big Data Marketing, IoT Security Checklist

Today read about the benefits and drawbacks of cloud storage, how marketers are both using and misusing big data, and a checklist of needed security measures for your IoT devices.

Data Digest: Big Data Success Factors, Open Source Definitions, Cost of Cloud Computing

How to build a successful big data strategy around customer experience, why developers are the best judge of what constitutes open source, and when in-house systems could actually be cheaper than cloud computing.

Power BI, Embedded App Development, and the Problem of BI Disuse

Microsoft's new Power BI Embedded service gets at a significant issue for data management professionals: anemic BI uptake, what we could call BI disuse.

Data Spending Moving to the Cloud

The reallocation of IT spending from traditional on-premises to cloud resources will impact about $1 trillion in IT spending through 2020. We look at four key spending shifts.

The End of Hadoop as We've Known It?

Gartner's Merv Adrian dropped a bombshell last month, predicting that Hadoop as we know it may soon cease to exist.

Data Digest: Future of Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics Challenges, Cloud Computing Myths

Learn how to select future-ready data and storage tools, how to overcome challenges in predictive analytics, and common myths about cloud computing.

Data Digest: Data Science Solutions, IoT Value, Cloud BI Benefits

Today read tips from a data scientist about three data challenges, techniques for getting business value from IoT technologies, and reasons to consider cloud BI tools versus a traditional data warehouse.

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