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Data Digest: Cloud Security, Anomaly Detection, and Infonomics

Best practices for cloud security, the basics of using anomaly detection for cybersecurity, and methods for judging the value of data.

Data Digest: Securing the Cloud, Understanding Data Lake Pitfalls, Choosing Self-Service BI Tools

Tactics and advice for securing cloud data, problems with data lakes, and myths about self-service BI tools.

Data Digest: Benefits of Decentralized Data Analytics and Cloud Computing

Today learn about the benefits of decentralized data management and edge analytics, the ways cloud computing is changing the world, and the pros and cons of moving your operations to the cloud.

Embedded Analytics: The Future of Business Intelligence

Traditional BI tools might be on their way out, because embedded analytics turns BI from a reactive activity into a proactive one.

Cloud Shift Is Real, Happening, Imminent -- and Behind Schedule?

When technology historians try to pinpoint the precise period when the cloud really took off, they'd do well to focus on late July and early August of 2016.

Cybercrime and Cybersecurity: The Best Defense is in the Cloud

The best place for managing the security of traditional enterprise applications is where the best resources are: at the cloud service provider.

Data Digest: Uses for Leftover Data Sets, Drawbacks of Data Lakes, Cloud Best Practices

These articles explain why leftover “garbage” data sets actually have value, why you should be skeptical about data lakes, and what to consider when integrating cloud computing to your enterprise.

Amazon Dominating in the Cloud

Amazon is one of a "Gang of Four" -- the others are Microsoft, IBM, and Google -- that control the cloud hosting market. Amazon and AWS have more than twice the share of runner-up Microsoft.

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