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Career Development

Data Digest: Big Data Big Picture, 10 Security Questions, and the Rise of the Data Engineer

Developing a long-term big data strategy, identifying cyberattack vulnerabilities, and the growing demand for data engineers.

Using Data Science to Analyze Data Scientists’ Salaries

O’Reilly Media has released an interesting new data science salary survey. The authors actually used data science to analyze the survey data and even provided information about their model for further exploration.

Overcoming Four Barriers to Data-Driven Marketing

Many important marketing signals are often missed because of challenges inherent in the makeup of marketing data. With the right planning, personnel, and tools, you can overcome these barriers and set your team up for success.

Data Digest: Evaluating the Need for a Data Scientist, Data Science Tasks, Machine Learning Benefits

How to decide whether you need a full-time data scientist, the core tasks of a data scientist, and how machine learning can make big data analytics more effective.

The Most Lucrative Job in Tech Isn't What You Think

Data from an online tech jobs marketplace suggests that the supply of data scientists might actually be catching up with demand.

Profile: So You Want to Be a (Data Science) Rock Star

Data scientist Nathan Hamilton explains that a strong grasp of statistics and a creative, problem-solving imagination have made him a successful data scientist.

You Found a Data Scientist -- Now What? The Case for Building a Center of Excellence

Hiring a data scientist doesn't mean your work is done. Building a center of excellence and ensuring good relations with IT are both valuable steps toward a successful analytics program.

Debunking the Data Scientist Mythology

Data science is a team effort that depends on vital contributions from data engineers, data architects, business analysts, and business subject matter experts.

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