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Career Development

3 Steps for Establishing Your Chief Data Office the Right Way

You can avoid common challenges associated with creating a C-level data office by partnering with both IT and business leaders on three critical tasks.

He Works for Me but Constantly Argues!

Advice for managers on how to handle a team member who won't back down.

Data Digest: Data Scientist Advice, Graph Databases and Data Quality for Customer Analytics

Career advice for aspiring data scientists, how graph databases can improve customer analytics, and how data quality affects your CRM.

Data Digest: Data Science Hiring, Object Storage, Flexible Data Hierarchies

How inflated requirements affect the data scientist market, the basics of object storage, and how to design more resilient data hierarchies.

Data Digest: Data Team Qualities, Hybrid Databases, Data Governance Roles

The 7 traits you need on your data science team, the benefits of hybrid databases, and how to structure a great data governance program.

Candidate Profile for a Great Data Scientist

Planning to hire a data scientist? Your best candidate possesses a combination of analytical, storytelling, and technical skills.

Data Digest: Targeted Phishing, Global Data Protection, Tech Economy Growth

How targeted hacking works, why businesses are worried about the GDPR, and how much the tech sector is growing in the U.S.

Technological Breakthroughs and Trusting Your Team

Russ Olsen advises technical people not to discount the human element. Without it you'll never pull off a real moonshot.

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