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Advanced Analytics

Challenges of Modeling COVID-19

Machine learning algorithms and data acceleration platforms offer new models for timely analysis of pandemic data.

Data Privacy in a Globally Competitive Reality

Protecting consumer privacy is key to securely providing the huge data sets required for innovations in AI analytics.

Data Digest: How Machine Learning Works and New ML Applications

An explanation of how ML algorithms recognize patterns and how ML is being used to rediscover dead languages and help clean the oceans.

Text-Based AI in Healthcare: The Challenges and Possibilities

Leveraging AI to continuously summarize the combined healthcare literature makes it possible to give every patient the best possible treatment informed by the most current research.

Data Digest: Applications for Algorithms and Data Science Careers

Predictive analytics for planning flu vaccines, machine learning in museum design, and information for aspiring data scientists.

How MLOps Delivers Business Value

Machine learning projects too often get stuck in the lab. Bringing the discipline and efficiency of DevOps into AI/ML practices helps move your models to production with ease, even at scale and in real time, and manage and monitor them over time for optimal results.

3 Things to Know About Reinforcement Learning

How do you teach machine learning new tricks? These techniques gleaned from math frameworks, gaming, and human trial-and-error interactions can help guide your AI model training.

Creating an Analytics Literacy Program

To take full advantage of data and analytics, organizations must develop the knowledge and skills to use analytics to drive better business decisions.

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