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Advanced Analytics

Data Digest: Machine Learning Hype, Supervised ML, Hybrid Architectures

Understanding the actual uses of machine learning, the purpose of supervised ML, and the reasons why some ML workloads might run better on premises.

Executive Q&A: New Survey Reinforces the Importance of Data Science and AI/ML

The results of a new study by Domino Data Lab confirm the importance of data science and advanced analytics to modern enterprises. The company’s head of data science strategy and evangelism, Kjell Carlsson, drills down on the survey results.

Data Digest: Succeeding with AI/ML

How and why to improve your AI/ML projects.

Data Digest: Today's and Tomorrow's Machine Learning Fundamentals

These articles explore the basic definitions of data science and ML, the details of ML engineering, and the potential of quantum ML.

Data Digest: Data Science, Customer Data, and Problem-Solving

Using data science in retail, improving customer experience, and solving problems with design thinking.

Data Digest: Data Literacy, Eco-Friendly Loans, and IoT Levels

The value of your data culture, new plans for AI in home loans, and multiple levels of detectors and devices.

Data Digest: MLOps and Data Science

These articles focus on hiring and being hired in machine learning and data science.

Data Digest: Machine Learning and Data Science Skills

Determining when ML is and isn’t useful, using ML algorithms, and the value of data engineering.

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