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Advanced Analytics

Decision Intelligence Is the Key to AI/ML Adoption in Life Sciences

Technologies such as AI and ML have the potential to radically transform the way life sciences businesses research, develop, and deliver life-saving medical treatments and devices.

Data Digest: AI and Censorship, Bias, and Suicide Risk

An AI project for detecting internet censorship, possible new AI regulations, and an algorithm that may improve suicide prevention.

Data Digest: Overcoming Pandemic Challenges, Using Shared Data, Improving Data Science

Innovative applications for AI and other technologies, data sharing’s potential, and successful data science projects.

Data Digest: Machine Learning Innovations, MLOps, ML Basics

Helping machine learning be more accurate, the purpose of MLOps, and examples of ML applications.

Data Digest: AI and ML in Healthcare

Trends in healthcare technology, using AI to predict COVID-19 symptoms, and using machine learning to study antibiotic resistance.

Data Digest: Career Perspectives for Data Engineers and Data Scientists

Burnout rates among data engineers, key skills for data scientists, and which other tech jobs are growing fast.

Data Digest: Training ML, MLOps, AI Learning

Understanding transfer learning, the need for MLOps, and developments in how AI learns.

Executive Q&A: Cognitive Search and Extraction Pave the Way to New Breakthroughs

New generations of cognitive search and text extraction are allowing data workers to focus more of their time on meaningful work. We spoke with Ryan Welsh, CEO of Kyndi, an artificial intelligence company serving critical government and commercial institutions, to learn more.

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