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Advanced Analytics

Welcome to the Age of the Engineer-Data Scientist

The growing enthusiasm for a new hybrid role raises significant questions. We answer them here.

Data Digest: Education and Data Ethics

Teaching ethics to data scientists, researching solutions to biased algorithms, and debate about the future of AI and privacy regulations.

Move Over Data Scientists, Analytics Engineers Have the Sexiest Job

Why the analytics engineer will displace the data scientist as the world’s sexiest job, and how the modern data stack plays a part in this trend.

Q&A: Classification, Clustering, and ML Challenges

In this Q&A, we look at two key machine learning approaches -- what they are, how they’re used, and the challenges of implementing them -- with Naveed Ahmed Janvekar, a senior data scientist at Amazon.

Data Digest: Advice and Guidance for Data Science

Tips for new data scientists, the roadblocks facing data science programs, and perspectives on ethical data science applications.

Data Digest: AI Platforms, Ethics, and Challenges

Building a unified platform for AI, understanding ethical guidelines for AI, and recognizing benefits and obstacles.

5 Things to Consider When Operationalizing Your Machine Learning

Operationalizing machine learning models requires a different process than creating those models. To be successful at this transition, you need to consider five critical areas.

Data Digest: Pitfalls for Healthcare Technology

The failures and risks of AI in healthcare and recommendations for ensuring healthcare innovation benefits everyone.

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