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Advanced Analytics

Data Digest: Understanding AI/ML, Tracking ML Improvement, Using NLP

AI myths to watch out for, a new metric for measuring the efficiency of ML, and how NLP can be used to screen the news.

Data Digest: AI Strategy and IoT Safety

Learn about realistic applications for AI, preparation strategy for AI and machine learning, and safe practices for IoT data.

Data Digest: Coronavirus Data, Quantum ML, and Privacy

Applying healthcare data in a pandemic, searching for drugs with quantum machine learning, and protecting personal data during contact tracing.

Data Digest: Data Scientist Goals, Machine Learning Skills, Data Science Tools

How to help data scientists understand business drivers, why machine learning skills might become widespread, and why automated tools are no substitute for a full data scientist.

How to Make Better Data Decisions

We explore three main areas your enterprise can focus on to gain more control of your data.

Data Digest: Securing ML and IoT, Prioritizing Digital Transformation

Read advice for improving the security for your machine learning and Internet of Things applications, plus an article on managing digital transformation for various enterprise functions.

Data Digest: Data Science for Policymakers, Business Analysts, and Refugees

Learn how data science is applicable to public policy, read about a citizen data science training program, and find out about an organization training refugees to work with AI.

6 Characteristics of Machine Learning Organizational Maturity

Whenever you think of business intelligence, think machine learning. Here's what an enterprise with a mature ML environment looks like.

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