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Advanced Analytics

Data Digest: Support Data Scientists, Data Science Skills, and Valuable Experiments

How to assist your data scientists, what skills data scientists need, and examples of significant technologies born out of data science experiments.

Data Digest: Data Science Programming Languages

Why growth for R doesn’t mean less interest in Python, evaluating Python and Julia, and techniques for loading data in Python.

Thinking Beyond the Database: Continuous Intelligence

The speed and volume of modern data demands continuous intelligence to create business impact.

Data Digest: Predictive Analytics, Data Science, and Governance Adapting to Current Needs

The reality of the COVID-19 pandemic is bringing changes to many aspects of analytics and data management.

Tackling Bias and Explainability in Automated Machine Learning

Automated machine learning is likely to introduce two critical problems. Fortunately, vendors are introducing tools to tackle both of them.

How Automation Is Impacting Jobs During the Pandemic

No matter what impact automation will have on jobs in the future, it's instructive to look at the effect it is having now during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Data Digest: Digital Transformation, Big Data, and Customer Analytics

Using big data for digital transformation, how current events are driving adoption of big data and AI, and using graph databases for customer data.

Case Study: Tracking Human Mobility with Mobile Data Amid COVID-19 Lockdown

Did Parisians change their behavior when social distancing regulations were implemented? Here's how one organization conducted detailed research using data on human mobility to check the accuracy of anecdotal news media reports.

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