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Advanced Analytics

Putting People at the Forefront of Technology

Whether in business projects or public endeavors, the belief that technology is always the answer leads to poor design and failure to meet the needs of real people.

Data Digest: Applications for Real-Time Analytics, Predictive Analytics, and Data Science

How enterprises are using real-time analytics, how distributors can use advanced predictions, and how brands can use data science.

Data Stories: Practice Your Text Analytics

Three examples of visualizations based on text analysis: use fast embeddings, learn to picture lexical distance, and find the common threads in employment opportunities at Google.

AI In Action: AI and Cannabis

AI's use in medical applications is well known. We learn from Meni Morim, CEO of Namaste Technologies, how AI can benefit cannabis users.

Data Digest: ML and Fake News, Synthetic Sensitive Data, ML and Security

Why machine learning can’t detect fake news, why synthetic data can help you follow regulations, and how machine learning helps detect hackers.

Getting Started with Natural Language Processing in Your Enterprise

NLP is a necessary enterprise discipline today. Understanding the challenges and possibilities will help you harness this discipline for your language applications.

Data Digest: Democratizing Data Analytics and Deploying Data Science

How to be smart about hiring skills, bring data science projects from abstract to practical, and use augmented analytics to expand data access.

Data Digest: Applying Machine Learning to Disasters, Delivery, and Hackers

The right machine learning algorithms can predict natural disasters, improve customer service, and detect online criminals.

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