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Advanced Analytics

Data Digest: New AI Applications

How new uses for AI, including generative AI, are affecting many industries.

Data Digest: Learning Data Science

Looking at different levels of data science skill, what students are learning, and the basics of data wrangling.

Data Digest: AI and ML Applications

Current and upcoming applications for AI and ML across many industries.

The Importance of Generative AI and How Education Is Getting It Wrong

Educators are concerned about the impact of ChatGPT, the latest and arguably best AI text generator, but are they missing an opportunity?

Data Digest: The Pitfalls of AI Large Language Models

Lawsuits are coming about training AI on copyrighted material, and experts agree that content produced by AI can’t be trusted.

Data Digest: Training, Securing, and Using AI

Helping AI be more generally applicable, cybersecurity for AI systems, and more applications for enterprise AI.

Data Digest: Governing Data and Managing Analytics

Planning data governance, avoiding analytics problems, and safely managing citizen data scientists.

Three Models Leading the Neural Network Revolution

In recent years, we have seen great advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence that could usher in a new era of progress. In the area of natural language processing, three algorithms have been the cornerstone of this innovation: GPT, BERT, and T5.

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