Cindi Howson

Data Discovery Meets Search and Social


Webinar Abstract

Data discovery is one of the hottest categories in the BI market today, allowing business users to explore data visually, with minimal IT support or extensive data modeling. As the variety of data explodes, decision-makers want to combine data from the data warehouse with unstructured content such as customer comments, resumes, tweets, and blogs. Bringing such data together goes beyond traditional BI capabilities. Simplicity, visual appeal, and time to insight makes this new category a must-have complement to your BI tool portfolio. 

In this Webinar, you will learn:

  • Data discovery and how it’s different from traditional query and reporting
  • New data sources, trends in accessing, and why it’s hard for BI to handle
  • The influence of Google, social media, and the interactive web experience in making BI easier

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