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Teradata Corporation

Teradata Teradata Corporation
10000 Innovation Drive
Dayton, OH 45342

Teradata Corporation is the global technology leader in enterprise data warehousing, analytic applications and data warehousing services. Organizations around the world rely on the power of Teradata's award-winning solutions to get a single, integrated view of their business to enhance decision-making, customer relationships and profitability.

Key products and applications:

  • Teradata® Database - The flagship data warehousing software is widely regarded by customers and industry analysts to be the best at analyzing large amounts of data and superior in its ability to grow in size without compromising performance. Teradata's patented parallel architecture provides the foundation for the unique ability to support a wide range of data warehousing functions, ranging from reports to ad hoc queries to data mining, all from a single data warehouse that integrates data from across the enterprise.
  • Teradata Warehouse Miner - The product of Teradata's data mining labs, this high-speed analytical software tool of choice for many customers can analyze massive data volumes and solve complex business problems requiring predictive analytics.
  • Teradata Applications include enterprise analytics - such as Teradata Relationship Manager, Profitability Analytics, Finance & Performance Management, Supply Chain Intelligence, Demand Chain Management - and industry-specific models that organize and structure data.

Teradata Services:

  • Teradata Professional Services provide data warehousing architecture, implementation, and optimization consulting services, and enterprise analytics consulting.
  • Teradata Business Continuity Services offers Dual Active, Disaster Recovery Center enhancements, and a new Availability Assessment that identifies the features and techniques needed to support mission-critical applications.
  • Global Consulting Centers around the world are staffed with professionals trained in Teradata solutions methodology and supplement local area consulting teams by tapping into the accumulated wealth of Teradata's global knowledge base.

Check out the following white papers located at http://www.teradata.com/resources/white-papers:

Born to be Parallel: Why Parallel Origins Give Teradata an Enduring Performance Edge
Teradata's dominance and success in today's data warehouse market stems partly from parallel processing. Find out just what parallelism is all about and why it provides a performance edge.

Teradata's Ease of Management: A Total Cost of Ownership Advantage
Have you ever wondered where the real costs of implementing and maintaining a data warehouse lie? Is it hardware? Software? Ongoing maintenance and management? The authors of this white paper suggest that the real cost of a data warehouse be not in acquiring hardware or software, but in the ongoing application development and management efforts. This paper discusses savings accrued when constructing a relatively self-managing data warehouse, such as Teradata.

Teradata Scalability Story
This paper discusses what scalability for a data warehouse actually means, compared to OLTP scalability, and uses examples from actual customer benchmarks to illustrate how Teradata scales in three key dimensions: With volume, as concurrency grows, and as the hardware configuration is expanded.

Active Data Warehousing—the Ultimate Fulfillment of the Operational Data Store
This paper, written by Dr. Claudia Imhoff of Intelligent Solutions, discusses the evolution of the data warehouse from a static picture of data to an active data warehouse environment. It describes the differences between analytical and operational applications, and describes the ability of Teradata technology to perform the historical, analytical requirements of the data warehouse, as well as today's need for actionable information found in the Operational Data Store.

Active Data Warehousing—Why Teradata is the Only Proven Platform
This paper discusses the characteristics of an Active Data Warehouse and explains how the Teradata RDBMS meets these requirements. It includes shipping and travel industry case studies and the use of the Active Data Warehouse in CRM solutions. It also discusses the business requirements and the technical requirements of an Active Data Warehouse, such as dynamic resource prioritization, proactive query management, use of join indexing, summary tables, triggers, and the need for scalability. It also highlights a number of advantages in using this approach. Minor changes reflect new Teradata brand position for Active Data Warehousing.

Enabling the Agile Enterprise with Active Data Warehousing
Technology has evolved to the point where a data warehouse can now deliver fast, analytical information to front-line users to support thousands of decisions every day. With an active data warehouse built upon a solid enterprise data warehouse foundation from Teradata, you will be able to extend the power of your data warehouse to a new community of operational employees, partners, and customers. This white paper provides details on how Teradata can help you transform your existing data warehouse into an active data warehouse.

Predictive Analytics: Extending the Value of Your Data Warehousing Investment
Predictive analytics can yield substantial ROI. This TDWI report—based on a recent survey co-sponsored by Teradata, as well as on interviews with BI and analytics practitioners, consultants, and solution providers explores the business value, delivery platforms, trends and recommended practices for implementing predictive analytics. Additionally, an overview of Teradata's predicative analytics solutions is provided at the end of the report.

Data Mining for Enterprise Solutions: A Business Perspective on Mining Data for Corporate Intelligence
This paper explores data mining from the business perspective, focusing on the premise that for a corporation to realize the potential ROI to be gained from high-value analytics, the business must play a lead role in defining, validating and translating results into corporate profit.

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